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a Saskatchewan-based photography business

sweetmoon photography is my personal photography business that started in 2010 when I moved back from UBC to Northern Saskatchewan. Having recently started a love affair with photography, I was blessed to receive amazing support from my communities, and have been shooting weddings, grads, portraits, businesses and community events since then. I'm very proud of the work I do with my clients, focusing on sharing diverse images of our Indigenous peoples and allies.


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an online collective of INDIGENOUS women photographers

tea&bannock is an online collective started in 2016 with co-creator Joi T Arcand to create a safe space for Indigenous women creatives to share our stories and images; a visual reclamation, if you will. Alongside with eight other main bloggers and numerous guest bloggers, tea&bannock is an authentic and community-building collective that invites discussion, truth and celebrates ndn joy.


For more info and more tea, please visit tea&bannock.


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+available for workshops in writing + photography
+available for public speaking (I'm funny, trust me)
-but not available for MC-ing bc I'm not that funny


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