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I've chosen a few select images that showcase the community work and the collaborations that I'm especially proud of - because they have challenged me, forced me to re-think what I think my art is, and opened new avenues of expression and opportunity. I often forget that my photographs aren't just "mine" - that when I work with my community in a good way, these images also belong to them. So that has often meant opening up myself to taking more guidance, trusting myself when told "do what you need to do," and understanding that sometimes, my final image is a mix between my client's dream and my understanding of it.


Each image has relevant tags listed under information for more in-depth reading, as well as links to the artists I've worked with.



Image Information:

1. New Age Warriors, Catherine Blac kburn. 2019.

Beadwork and Design by Catherine Blackburn, Photographs by sweetmoon photography in collaboration with Blackburn.


2. #WeAreDene, SheNative. 2017.

Clothing Designs, Styling and Images by Sweetmoon Photography.


3. The Grannies of Confederation. Konnón:kwe. Curated by Kim Anderson, etc. Guelph Museums. 2019.


3. Speaking Stridently. Performance by Janet Rogers. MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, SK. 2020.


4. Skin Stitched: Traditional Markings by Stacey Fayant with Catherine Blackburn. The Kenderdine Art Gallery, Saskatoon, SK. 2020.


5. For Women, By Women ft Eekwol and Bead sRhymesLife. 2019.

Branding Images for personal project/collaboration between two local Indigenous hip-hop artists.


6. "Telling Story, Sharing Light: A Roundtable Discussion with the Women of Tea&Bannock" by Krista Stevens. p. 12-17. Fall 2017: Canadian Collaboration #50. PhotoEd. September 2017.
- interview by Krista Stevens and featured images by tea&bannock bloggers including two images by sweetmoon photography


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