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2016, looking back

I had a good year, I think. A lot of struggle, but a lot of joy. We moved homes, we travelled, we celebrated birthdays, we laughed, we cried. I didn’t lose anyone super close to me this year, so that’s always a hella nice bonus, and Aerie started Kindergarten and her third year of ballet. Already. I think we did good, and I think 2017 will be better. Tucking that head down, buckling up with my studies, and pushing through the next year and a half so I can finish my PhD somewhat on time, ha.

A quick photo review of 2016…

January 2016. We got sick. We stayed in. We were living in the North End of the city, in a house that was too big for us, but I wanted someplace new to try out. It was good while it lasted.

February 2016. I took Mom and Aerie with me to Vancouver for work, and we travelled to Vancouver Island for a night so Mom could visit with her Godmother and Uncle in Campbell River. It was such a beautiful trip – we went in February, but it was windy and grey, and we laughed and told stories as we drove throughout the mountains and islands. Loved it.

March 2016. The sun came early, and we spent time with Uncle Trent and his girls. These are Aerie’s closest friends, her greatest enemies, the ones she will struggle with all her life, but the ones who will always have her back.

April 2016. We went to Regina to see an art show. It was good getting out of my comfort zone and making new friends. Or making old friends into closer friends. Or creating new adventures. Either way, blessings an laughter and stories and fun, and that’s what I was aiming for.

May 2016. Aerie had ballet end of year images. She got to wear her ballet gown, as well as professional hair an makeup. She was thrilllleedddd. She’s a diva at times, and this ballet life suits her need for movement and my need for discipline.

June 2016. Aerie turns five. The theme was Purple. We ate homemade cupcakes, nibbled on unicorn cupcakes, and played outside on the lawn. She had her best friend Lily come over for the birthday, which was great, and her many, many cousins. Aerie is loved, and she was happy.

July 2016. We went to the Pilgrimage, and we went to Back to Batoche. It’s still bittersweet, spending time at the Farm without my grandparents there, but making new memories with Aerie there makes me happy. I want her to know these lands, to know her connection to the horses there, the family there, the culture there. This year, she came out and danced and everyone smiled at the little Metis girl in a white dress and a red sash, and I think I need to remember to put her in jigging lessons.

August 2016. Family comes in many forms. Tara has been a muse for me all year, and Rose connected with me, and Tara, instantly. Loud, hilarious, quick to laugh at ourselves, we are a loud and powerful trio, and they make me grin. They were up for a quick roadside photo session, a storm a brewing and cars a honking, before we hit up the casino.

September 2016. Aerie started Kindergarten, and her third year of Ballet. We ended up switching Ballet schools, as schedules were difficult, but she still loves her new classes, and I love the fact that I get to watch her now, and see how much she is enjoying her lessons. Ballet and me, we have a complicated history, but I love that Aerie gets to enjoy her body making art.

October 2016. My first time making drumbeat. Adar and I went up North for Thanksgiving, and my sister in law Darla was there with fresh moose. She taught us how to cut up meat, and Dad helped us smoke it. It was amazing. Oddly cut, but amazing.

November 2016. My best friend Charlotte ran away and got married in the mountains. We stole away  in the middle of November and she said I do, surrounded by mountains and river lakes, with her new sister in law and her oldest best friend, saying yes to a life time with her sweetie. She made me cry, ha, and then I got lost trying to drive back to Calgary. Of course.

December 2016. Christmas was at Beauval, at Mama’s, of course. We had Trent and his girls, and TK and Tal showed up a few days later, due to work schedules. Aerie makes Christmas so easy. She loves gifts. She loves family. There were tears, of course, but even so, she makes me laugh.

2016 was good to us.

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