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When the Other is Me – Emma LaRocque

From UofM Press: “In When the Other is Me, LaRocque brings a metacritical approach to Native writing, situating it as resistance literature within and outside the postcolonial intellectual context. She outlines the overwhelming evidence of dehumanization in Canadian historical and literary writing, its effects on both popular culture and Canadian intellectual development, and Native and non-Native intellectual responses to it in light of the interlayered mix of romanticism, exaggeration of Native difference, and the continuing problem of internalization that challenges our understanding of the colonizer/colonized relationship.


  • “This book is, in part, my revisitation of selected historical and literary texts that have especially served to dehumanize Aboriginal peoples; however, in larger part, this book is about the inevitable Aboriginal contrapuntal reply to Canada’s colonial constructs” (3)
  • “And can we ever move past colonization, especially when it remains as an active toxin in the lives of Aboriginal peoples?” (6)
  • “The term “White” is, of course, problematic because it is in many ways as reductive, stereotypical, and obstructive as the word “Indian.” But like the word “Indian,” “White” was birthed at the site of colonization – which is located squarely on White social and radical doctrines” (8)

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