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Almighty Voice and His Wife – Daniel David Moses

This is a Two-Act Play. The first takes place in the times of the Metis Resistance, featuring the characters Almighty Voice and White Girl. In this act there is a love story, as it is, between these two as they negotiate a relationship – she sends away his first wife, send her back, and she becomes the first wife. They talk – she is young, but determined – about how his father is taken the night before their wedding, and further on, how he gets picked up at Duck Lake for killing a cow. They run away together to avoid the Mounties, and they feel starving hunger, but still, they laugh. They try to have a child, with White Girl getting advance from his mother, and  when she gave birth to a son, Almighty Voice shot a cow to celebrate and was killed. His mother sang her death song.

In the Second Act, Ghost Appears, who is Almighty Voice reliving his own death. The Interlocutor is the Mountie and Master of Ceremonies, also White Girl. He begins to relive his death, telling how he could not even sing his own death song. They go through this confusing and transforming story of Almighty and the MC, both on different parts of the story, or showcasing different POV’s of the story. Finally, he recognizes her, she loses her own whiteface, and becomes White Girl again, as Almighty Voice dances.

I enjoyed the First Act more so, as I seem to appreciate linear timelines in plays, which means that most of these go right by me. I like the romance, and the angst, and I like how the complicated relationships with each other and the white communities are shown, without worry about making it palatable to others. This is the way it was, this is what happened.

There are themes of resistance, war, strife, love and motherhood. Transformation and trickster imagery, as well as awakening and death.

find the book: Almighty Voice and His Wife – Daniel David Moses 

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